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The first warning sign of most skin cancer is a new growth on the skin or a change in its appearance. For this reason, moles are watched carefully by skin care experts.

Moles are very common; most people have anywhere from 10 to 40 moles on their body. Also known as "nevi," moles can be flat or raised and light or dark in color, ranging from skin toned to dark brown. Most are round or oval, and no more than a quarter of an inch across.

A majority of moles are completely harmless, but it is possible for a benign mole to become cancerous or for new malignant moles to develop. Some of the signs to watch for include
  • Irregularly shaped moles
  • Moles that change color, size, or feel
  • Moles that develop spots or that bleed

It's common for all of a person's moles to look the same, so if one mole looks notably different, it's worth having it examined

Cancerous moles are usually fairly easy to remove if they are caught early enough and skin surgery is performed. In some cases, even benign moles are removed for cosmetic reasons or if the doctor believes they might become malignant.

If you have questions or concerns about moles, contact us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Zappi or Dr. Buccheri-Zappi.

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