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Contact Allergic Dermatitis

Contact allergic dermatitis occurs when skin is exposed to an allergen that causes a rash to break out. The irritation is usually delayed, occurring 24 to 48 hours after exposure to the toxin or allergen.

The most common causes of contact allergic dermatitis include:
  • Poison ivy, and all natural botanical products
  • Metals including nickel and gold
  • Medications, such as topical antibiotics, anesthetics, and cortisones
  • Rubber, latex, and synthetic fabrics
  • Cosmetics, make-up, nail polish and sun blocks
  • Preservatives, fragrances and perfumes in any cream or product
  • Soaps, shampoos hair dye, perm solution, hair products

Contact allergic dermatitis usually manifests as red, itchy, weepy sores that occur on the area that came into contact with the allergen. In some cases, although there may be no reaction initially, allergic dermatitis can develop in response to repeated use of a product like nail polish, contact lens solution, or metals in frequently worn jewelry. Some people experience reactions only when they use skin lotions and then expose their skin to sunlight; others notice a reaction that begins right away, without the usual time lapse.

Whatever your symptoms, there are safe, proven medical solutions to treat contact allergic dermatitis.

Contact us to discuss your options or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Zappi or Dr. Buccheri-Zappi.

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