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Psoriasis is an immune system condition that causes skin cells to reproduce too quickly, creating thick, dense areas on the skin. It's most commonly seen on the elbows, knees, face, back, scalp, hands, and feet, but it can happen almost anywhere on the body.

In normal cell turnover, cells grow beneath the surface of the skin and gradually rise to the surface. This process usually takes about a month, but in cases of psoriasis, it happens over the course of a few days, creating a mass of skin cells at the surface. Psoriasis normally presents as an area of red skin with silvery patches or scales where too many cells have accumulated.

Left untreated, psoriasis can last a lifetime, causing skin sensitivity, irritation, and itchiness that may worsen or improve on its own, depending on a number of factors. Infections, stress, dry skin, and side effects of some medications are known to exacerbate symptoms of psoriasis.

You may feel like you’re suffering alone with this embarrassing skin disorder, but psoriasis is actually fairly common, affecting as much as 2% of the population. There are several effective treatment options that have brought relief to millions of people.

Contact our office to learn how Dr. Zappi and Dr. Buccheri-Zappi can alleviate your psoriasis symptoms.
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